Strut and Brake FAQ


1. Q. Is RRS strut & brake kit better than original suspension set up?

A. RRS design is the only aftermarket product with a steering axis to suit modern radial tyres.

YES RRS strut provides a vastly superior steering geometry and ride control & ride quality with faster reaction time and decreased chassis stress with 100% improvement on handling and accurate response.

RRS brake kits are lighter stop faster over distance and are made from a stronger molycarbide material than standard rotors.


2.  How does the RRS conversion kit improve handling?

Because there is less moving parts than the original Ford front suspension, less deflection occurs and therefore:

• The handling is more accurate and responsive.

• The original Ford suspension inherently has a camber shift from -camber (suspension droop) to +camber at maximum compression (bump stop).

• The RRS conversion kit gives a '0'camber at bottom stop (suspension droop) to 2  ¾ ° camber at maximum compression (bump stop).

• RRS set up produces a lower roll centre while creating a jacking effect to reduce body roll

• This all adds up to more even and full 'tyre to road' contact in hard cornering and increased stability.

• The RRS conversion strut assembly decreases un-sprung weight by approximately 3kg.

• Improved suspension reaction resulting from modern superior spring wire and shock absorber design.


3. Q. Can I get replacement parts in case of accident or wear & tear

A. Yes all standard replacement parts are available from main stream auto suppliers.


4. Q. What do I get in the strut & brake kit?

A. You receive a full Strut assy. complete with strut leg, top hat, springs, shock absorber, Knuckle/spindle (which replaces the original stub axle), forged alloy steel hub with 20% increase load bearing and all attaching hardware & spanner PLUS detailed installation instructions

Plus brake package or your choice– including rotors, callipers & brake     lines.


5. Q. How easy is it to fit?

 A Easy and simple to fit.  Unbolt and remove the original suspension system, including the upper control arm and simply bolt in

pre-assembled strut leg assy. into top of shock tower, connect brake package.  No special tools required.  No welding or cutting.


6. Q. Will RRS strut kit help my steering?

A. YES – the original Ford steering geometry was designed for cross-ply tyres.  Modern radial typres have a lower angle of deflection therefore the poor geometry on the original suspension waists some of this grip by having the tyres fight each other.


7. Q. Can I use my original steering with the RRS strut & brake kit?

A. Yes you can use your original Ford steering, RRS products will work in conjunction with your original systems.  There some variations with 65/66 Mustang and 60/66 Ford.


8. Q. Can I adjust my height?

A. YES – the RRS strut leg is designed and threaded to turn down into itself enabling vehicle as much as 3 ½  –inches adjustment.  There is also adjustment available in adjusting spacers below the springs to suit spring tension.


9. Q.        Does the RRS strut alter vehicle height?

A.  The strut assembly is fitted with a collar and lock-nut assembly that         can adjust ride height with 3 ½” of range.

Standard ride height is maintained with the maximum “up” setting or be lowered 2 ½” on the maximum down setting while maintaining legal bump stop and spring pre-load settings.


10. Q. Is it lighter than original suspension?

A. YES – the Strut assembly decreases un-sprung weight by approximately 3kg. (6.61 lbs)


11. Q. What type of shocks do RRS use?

A. RRS use top range adjustable gas shocks with user friendly 4 point dial adjustable settings.

AGX adjustable Gas Shocks:

• Adjustable damping allows AGX shocks to be dialled in to match driving conditions

• A single adjustments changes rebound and compression settings to go from track, to high speed touring to street cruising in seconds

• Fast on-car adjustment no need to lift the vehicle to remove shock to change settings

• Sintered iron piston and guide rod for greater strength and durability

• Micro smooth, hard chromed piston rod for long- life reliability of oil seals

• Seamless cylinder and eye rings mean no weak points, no seam failures

• Multi-lip seals and self-sealing packing keep oil in, contaminants  out, even under repeated hard use

• Patented check valve minimizes foaming, keeps shock performance fade-free


12. Q. RRS Springs

• All RRS springs are manufactured using the highest quality chrome silicon wire

• This material offers high strength, consistency and longer life

• RRS springs are powder coated blue for excellent longevity.  All RRS springs are lifetime guarantee to remain with 5% of original free height under normal operating conditions


13. Q. Do I have to cut my towers out?

A. NO – this is an OPTIONAL procedure and is available to gain up to 11” more space in the engine bay for hi-port heads, big block or just to reach the spark plugs!  You may well ask “is my Killer engine being strangled by poor exhaust”?


14. Q. Does cutting the towers cause stress on the chassis?

A. NO in fact there is less stress – RRS strut mounting eliminates 100% of stress exerted on the middle of the tower caused by original Ford system.  The vehicle weight is primarily carried by spring and shock location within the strut leg.


15. Q. Does the RRS conversion kit change chassis stress?

A. The strut mounting eliminates 100% of the stress exerted on the middle of the original Ford shock tower by the standard upper-arm, which operates as a lever on the original spring and shock absorber.

As much as 50% less stress at the spring seat.

The vehicle weight is primarily carried by the shock-tower spring location.

When an RRS strut kit is bolted in place, the chassis is less stressed than original Ford suspension set-ups.


16.  Q. When an RRS kit is fitted, because the chassis is less stressed, what  benefits can be expected?

A.      Convertible scuttle shudder is easily eliminated with the RRS      conversion kit

A more responsive shock and spring operation, rather than chassis deflection (flex).

Because the chassis has reduced stress by fitting an RRS conversion kit, (which also eliminates the Ford upper-arm) the shock tower can be cut away and plated, (by a qualified repairer) to allow 5” to 6” of additional cylinder head clearance to each side of the engine.  This makes it easier to fit hi-port heads, more efficient extractors, big block engines plus easier access for turbo installations.


17.    Q. How does the RRS strut conversion effect steering geometry?

A. Custom wheel alignment settings are provided for each “individual application” to reduce “factory bump steer” and improve “track on turns” by custom “Ackerman angles”.


Any competent wheel alignment shop can adjust and set the wheel alignment according to our specifications to provide maximum road holding and minimize wear characteristics.


A camber pin lockout can be fitted to eliminate the troublesome habit of some Ford’s slipping out of alignment.  Camber can then be adjusted by a positive stop, non-slip camber adjustment on the RRS manufactured steering knuckle.


 Tech Article – Roll Centre


Body Roll and force distribution camber control


The amount of body roll is called the roll angle.  This is determined by Roll stiffness the relationship of Roll Centre and centre of gravity.


Centre of gravity lowered reduces body roll, however if the distance between the roll centre and the centre of gravity is to wide body roll will increase

High roll centres will result in jacking effects and erratic handling.


Understeer oversteer characteristics


Scrub radius is improved - the amount of movement the tyre makes across the road (sometimes equated with track variation) as the suspension moves through its travel.


Steering angle deflection, oversteer And understeer characteristics and a “twitchy” road feel at speed are eliminated by the RRS design


Torque steer resulting from deflection and geometric angles causing a typical roll oversteer is also eliminated.


18. Q. Can I adjust camber?

A YES and with far more range – it is easy to reach and adjust camber if required with a ring spanner to maintain a full tyre to road contact in hard cornering


19. Q. Will this change the roll centre?

A NO – the vehicle will be stable in high speed corners with increase grip.


20. Q. Booster- Can I use my original booster if I change to RRS front strut & brake and RRS rear disc combination?

A. Yes, however brake performance/pedal feel may be compromised by modified cams or heads.  All RRS brake kits produce balanced combinations.


21. Q. Is there any Warranty on RRS products?

A. YES – RRS quality products have a warranty of 12 months or 20,000 kms.  RRS stand by our products of their design and manufacture.


22. Q. Caster Adjustment to RRS struts

A. Yes you can adjust the caster.  The standard caster bar at the front or fit an RRS adjustable castor rod.

RRS use typically around, depending on vehicle application,  13 ½  ° steering axis inclination that is correct for modern radial tyres and is far less effected by minor castor errors than the factory 7 ½ steering axis inclination that is common to all early Ford designs from 1960 through to 1987.


23.    Q. What type of wheels can be fitted to the RRS strut and brake conversion?

A. Standard Ford stud pattern and wheel track means that all standard 14” 1974 on model wheels can be used along with after-market 14” to 17” diameter rims, and will suit original 14” rims and larger.

Wheel width can be altered from Ford’s standard 4 ½” inward offset to 5” inward offset.  The wheel hubs are fitted with standard Ford ½ “ UNF wheel studs.


24. Q. What guarantee does RRS provide?

• Standard factory warranty on all individual components

• Engineering evaluations are provided so that the installation of  an RRS conversion kit meets R.T.A. standards

• We can deliver quality and reliability providing that each purchaser provides accurate details regarding each vehicle application.

• Delivery is guaranteed 4 – 6 weeks from date of order.

• We have a full back up of spares or could recommend other suppliers as required.

FAQ Rack and Pinion Kits


Q: How much better than a standard system is RRS rack?

A: RRS precision steering provides better handling, quick response and is more direct. The unit is re-buildable and serviceable.


Q: With the power kit, how does it feel at higher speeds?

A: RRS power rack provides steering and handling equivalent to a 2010 XR8. The Type of pump and pump pressure you use will also determine this feel at high speed. RRS pump kit also available.


Q: How much lighter is the new RRS rack kit from original worm-sector steering system?

A: RRS Manual 6.6kg.lighter and RRS Power 4.2 kg lighter than original system


Q: What do I get with the RRS rack kit?

A: RRS Constant mesh Rack & Pinion steering unit power/manual with linear tracking system, 1 pr. outer tie rod ends, Brackets to hold RRS rack, which anchor in stock position, Internal column conversion kit - internal shaft section and universal joints.


Q: Do I need to modify my car in any way to fit RRS rack?

A: No modification required. Simply remove the original worm & sector style steering, Remove steering box, Remove Idler Arm, Remove drag link, RRS brackets bolt into the original steering box & idler arm holes.


Q: Can I change the rack mounting position?

A: No - the RRS rack mounts behind the front cross member. This mounting location is essential and RRS installation instructions must be followed.


Q: Will the RRS rack give more clearance between rack & sump?

A: No - the RRS rack is mounted 8-12mm higher that original steering. Spacers can be used to lift engine block by 6mm


Q: Do I need to change my pump?

A: No - the RRS rack will work with the original Ford pump system.


Q: Can I use new or different pump?

A: Yes - you can use an alternative pump to original. RRS have a pump kit available directly into your original pump bracket or can be modified to fit onto engine.


Q: What is recommended pump pressure for rack?

A: 800 up to 1600 psi RRS never recommend running over 1200 psi. 850 psi is good. RRS pump has lower pumping pressure and flow volume Flow rate at idle 1 ¼ to 1 ½ gallons a minute 800 up to 1600 psi RRS pump has a lower pumping pressure and flow volume.


Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes - RRS rack system mounts into stock position and complies completely with Australian light vehicle requirements. Some states do not require approval.


Q: How does it affect my car turning?

A: The RRS rack reduces the number steering wheel revolutions from 4.25 turns atypical to 2.88 turns lock to lock. Typical Ford leverage ratio XW 16:1 = RRS 12.8:1 All RRS racks are fast ratio, constant mesh design. RRS racks match original turning radius when using RRS strut kits. Depending upon the spindle combination the Ford OEM suspension systems may reduce the turning radius by up to 3 ft. (1 metre).


Q: What about header clearance?

A: RRS rack systems provide a large amount of additional clearance to allow easier access and installation of most aftermarket header systems (some long tube header designs eg. Hooker long tube to suit 1969 Mustang big port Cleveland has one pipe that fouls the RRS rack power head). All Shorty headers will easily clear RRS rack installations. All mainstream brand TriY's headers will clear RRS rack installations. Clearance will depend on the application of headers and engine you choose.


Q: What header do you recommend?

A: Advance headers tri y configuration is recommended for early Mustang. Pacemaker 4 into one header will require one pipe modified on drivers side.


Q: How much room should you have between the rack & header?

A: It is best to leave 25mm space and a heat shield. For Cooling -using a heat reducer will help if the header is too close.


Q: Can I use my original steering column, steering wheel and controls?

A: YES - RRS supply an internal shaft conversion kit which comes complete with universals to bolt directly from rack through your steering column to steering wheel.


Q: Does it fit column shift?

A: No.


Q: Can I use an aftermarket steering column?

A: YES - however it is essential that client provide RRS with the column details so correct inner conversion shaft is provided.


Q: Will it give me more bump steer?

A: NO - bump steer is not increased indeed if you also install RRS coil over suspension system RRS will guarantee you can reduce bump steer to zero.


Q: What else do I need to buy to install an RRS rack?

A: No other parts are necessary. All hardware is supplied with the RRS rack kit. Pump and hoses are not included in the Rack kit and are available separately.


Q: Is it normal to get free play in steering after fitting RRS rack?

A: NO unless the car is stationery and engine switched off Because the power system works on rotary valve (cylinder around another cylinder) check the following;

1: make sure tie rod ends are tight

2: make sure the steering wheel is tight on spline

3: if uni joint set screw is loose you will end up with free play


Q: Is the wheel alignment the same as before?

A: NO - RRS provide new wheel alignment guidelines with the installation instructions. The alignment will be like late vehicle alignment.


Q: What are the specs on the new RRS Manual Rack Kit?

A: 4.33 turns lock to lock, equal to 16:1 steering box ratio.


Q: Is manual steering effort reduced over standard?

A: The effort required with the RRS manual rack system is comparable to quick ratio OEM manual 16:1 steering ratio. However because of the racks constant mesh design there is no free play just off centre like OEM systems.


RRS Guarantee and Warranty: RRS products have undergone rigorous engineering analysis and testing by some of the World's toughest Government authorities and engineering signatories, which enables RRS to standby it's products as if you buying an OE replacement part for your road vehicle. No other steering system meets RRS high standards.



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