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RRS Clients Testimonials
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The RRS Brake Package Advantage:
Lighter than stock, Bolt on installation, All attaching hardware included, Detailed instructions
Reduced stopping distance - increase in bite, stopping power, Resistance to fade - no loss of braking performance even after repeated high speed emergency stops, Braking progression - control over the brake pressure modulation to avoid brake lock up and loss of control, Consistent operational effect - consistent brake-feel whether hot or cold, fast or slow, Less gyroscopic loading effect on suspension from larger diameter wheels & tyres allowing easier change of direction at high speed, Wear rates- longer life out of pads and rotor, RRS offer a comprehensive range of brake options to suit all driving needs & budgets.

Product Overview: For the ultimate in serious performance, the Phase 4 is absolutely the most advanced braking system available for vintage/classic Ford muscle cars. The 13.6-inch/345mm two-piece rotor offers a huge sweep area. More sweep area provides more cooling time on the track. This brake package includes the latest Ultra Ceramic friction technology which gives ultra fast stopping power, consistent braking performance, low dust and low noise.


(All brake kits need to be accompanied by the
RRS Strut coil-over kit )
click here for strut details

  • 13.6-inch/345mm two piece race-bred rotors directional venting for maximum airflow
  • Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling
  • Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring and a patented ventilation design which runs cooler, stronger and outperforms traditional straight vane disc rotors by up to 20%.
  • 2-piece ultra-high performance rotors feature aerospace grade materials for added thermal (heat) protection to your vehicle's wheel bearings, by providing greater resistance to distortion as it allows the disc to expand uniformly.
  • Micro balanced to ensure perfect wheel balance
  • Six or eight piston VTTR callipers
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards #106 approved stainless steel braided brake lines & fittings Custom Order (delivery time may vary)
  • 17" rims or larger required
Vehicle Application
Mustang 1964 - 1973
Mercury Montego 1966 - 69
Australian Falcon 1960 92
Mercury Cougar 1967 - 69
Australian Fairlane 1962 87
Mercury Meteor 1962 - 65
USA Falcon 1960 70
Maverick 1969 77
USA Fairlane 1962 69
Torino 1968 - 71
Comet 1960 77
Ranchero 1960-71

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