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      History of suspension of Classic and Vintage Fords.


Overview: The race proven design of the RRS coil over strut places less stress on the chassis because the strut is mounted at the centre of the steering knuckle rather than on top of the upper control arm like the original double wishbone factory position. Both ride height and camber can be easily adjusted to suit driver preference. The RRS strut kit comes with your choice of RRS upgrade brake packages ranging from single piston to a huge 6 or 8 piston caliper kits. All mounting hardware is included and is easily installed without the need to cut or weld your precious classic Ford

Coilover strut leg, spindle knuckle, top hat, hardware, springs, shocks to suit following brakes:
RRSknuckle/spindle will fit standard or after-market brakes for the following models
Standard small spindle Falcon 72-87
Standard large spindle Mustang 71-73
Standard large spindle Granada 75-80
Standard small spindle Falcon 69-71
Standard large spindle Mustang 69-70

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New style RRS knuckle/spindle will fit standard or after-market brakes for the following models:

Australian Falcons XW (1969) XF (1987)
(Hoppers Stoppers brake kits to suit the above models will also fit)

USA Granada or 69/73 Mustang brake kits

WILL NOT FIT - Kelsie Hayes 4-Spot Calipers

email for price including freight and details

The RRS Advantage
  • The RRS coil over suspension kits offers superior performance and functionality advantage over competitors products (view comparison) and is of significant importance to owners of early Fords who want to fit big diameter wheels and low profile tyres to their car.
  • RRS is the only suspension system on the market today that is designed to extract the maximum performance out of today's advanced tyre compounds and construction.
  • In comparison the original Ford suspension inherently has a camber shift from negative camber to positive camber at bump stop. While the RRS system gives a optimum 0 camber to 2 negative camber at maximum compression or more.
  • The RRS system produces a lower roll centre while creating a jacking effect to reduce body roll enabling the suspension to utilize a lighter sway bar.
  • The advantage of the RRS system is that it produces full tyre to road contact in hard cornering and increased stability while decreasing unsprung weight by 3 to5 kg per side producing quicker suspension reaction time due to the superior spring and shock absorber design.
  • Inferior competitor designs such as Mustang II continue to use lower control arm mounted coil over and converted struts which are basically a tweaked version of the original 1960's Ford design that was developed to suit cross ply tyres or worse will cause incorrect chassis loading and mismatched components.
4 point dial adjustment
Easy Height Adjustment
Camber Adjustment
RRS Hub Bearing
Mounting RRS rotor
The RRS Front Coil over Suspension Advantage
  • RRS modular design strut conversion uses a bearing hub rather than a stub axle providing the most advanced steering geometry, ride control (reaction time) durability and serviceability in the market.
  • The RRS forged steel hub increases the load bearing capacity by 20% over the original factory stub axle. Perfect for wide big diameter rims & tyres.
  • User friendly 4 point dial adjustment allows you to change the shocks rebound & compression settings to go from race track, to high speed touring or cruising in seconds.
  • The RRS adjustable gas shock features a patented check valve which minimizes foaming to keep shock performance fade free under all driving conditions.
  • Retains standard Ford stud pattern and stud size & wheel track.
  • RRS discs have a different offset to a standard Ford to allow bigger rotors within standard rims while maintaining factory wheel track width.
  • Caliper mounting is designed to allow a greater adaptive design range and ease of fitment of high performance RRS calipers.
  • RRS detailed instructions make installation a breeze.
  • Lightweight-less weight on the nose means better weight transfer and proven, better 60 foot times at the drags.
  • Reduces track scrub, a typical early Mustang or Falcon with standard suspension will vary track by up to 3" through its range of travel . The RRS strut decreases this to less than ".

Spindle Centre
Note: All RRS kits require a wheel hole size 2.9" (72mm) or larger

Early Ford rims have small-hole centre
Later Ford rims have a large-hole centre. Most aftermarket rims have large centers

All RRS Strut & brake kits come complete to fit both sides with pre-assembled strut kits and brake assemblies for ease of fitment.
All RRS kits have standard Ford wheel track specifications.
RRS strut kits have been set up to use a standard Ford wheel inner offset of 4 "
RRS kits can accommodate a 5 " inner offset but careful consideration should be paid to chassis rail clearance to the tyre sidewall on each full lock position.
Wheel track is standard so whatever option fit on a standard Ford monocoque (uni-body) chassis you can add another " to "to the inside offset when installing RRS front and rear suspension .

Vehicle Application
Mustang 1964 - 1973
Mercury Montego 1966 - 69
Australian Falcon 1960 92
Mercury Cougar 1967 - 69
Australian Fairlane 1962 87
Mercury Meteor 1962 - 65
USA Falcon 1960 70
Maverick 1969 77
USA Fairlane 1962 69
Torino 1968 - 71
Comet 1960 77 Ranchero 1960-71

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